Vorarlberg: local people to help decide on the growth of wind energy

The “Walk in the Wind” campaign: in Vorarlberg both young and old show considerable interest in wind power.

 There are numerous possibilities for making use of wind in Austria’s Leiblachtal Valley. But it does not make ecological sense to produce wind energy in every location. With its “Spaziergang im Wind” (“A Walk in the Wind”) campaign the region of Vorarlberg is informing local residents about the current status of wind energy.

 Just one wind-power plant could supply electricity to more than 1,200 households, that is  three communities in the Leiblachtal Valley. In early May the Vorarlberg pilot area held the information event “Walk in the Wind” at the foot of  the Hochberg mountain in the village of Eichenberg to present the results of its wind measurements. “The aim of the event is to inform people and prompt them to take a critical look at the issues,” says Alfons Rädler, Mayor of the Vorarlberg municipality of Eichenberg. “The idea is for citizens to help examine whether the use of wind power is imaginable as a regional option for the Leiblachtal Valley’s self-determined energy supplies,” he adds.

Helium-filled weather balloons, an air blower, a booklet on wind, and a model of a nearby range of the Alpine foothills were some of the ways used to illustrate the results of the wind measurements. The measurements,as well as results from local opinion polls, are fed into the recharge.green project. The event marked the start of a citizen information campaign within the new “Experience the Wind” series.

Further information at: http://www.leiblachtal-erleben.eu/veranstaltungen/29052013—buergerdialog-zum-thema-wind.php (de), http://www.aeev.at/ (de)