Triglav National Park

Triglav National Park (TNP) is the only national park and the largest protected area in Slovenia. It extends on nearly four per cent of the Slovenian surface along the Italian border and close to the Austrian border in the north-western part of Slovenia, covering an area of almost 84.000 hectares. TNP was created in 1924. The park’s landscape is characterized by glacier-shaped valleys, mountain plateaus and steep mountain ridges above the tree line. It is a typical mixture between unspoiled nature areas and cultural landscape. Forest covers two thirds of the park’s territory. Among the various renewable energy sources, woodland biomass has the greatest potential for sustainable use.

TNP is leader of the project´s work with pilot areas (work package 6 Testing and Implementation) and is itself one of the four pilot areas. The principal aims and activities foreseen in the TNP pilot area within the project are ensuring the sustainable (long-term) use of woodland biomass and defining the acceptable extent of biomass use.


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