Three new testimonials of decision-makers from Italy and France now online as short video messages

Christophe Bougault-Grosset, the deputy mayor of the municipality Megève in France and responsible for sports, environment, hiking trails and slopes, looks back at the project in his municipality. Megève is situated in the pilot area of the Northern French Alps where the hydroelectric potential is being explored. Megève owns a turbine which produces energy from surplus water of the drinking water reservoir.

Luca Luchetta is the president of Unione Montana Agordina in the pilot area of the Province of Belluno in Italy. He talks about why the possibility of using renewable energy is rather an opportunity than a risk for his community. Mr. Luchetta hopes that the project offers tools that are needed for assessing the applicability whether renewable energy production is suitable for the area, especially concerning forest biomass.

Roberto Molin Pradel is the mayor of Zoldo Alto, in Maè Valley (or Val di Zoldo). The valley also belongs to the pilot area of the Province of Belluno in Italy. In the interview, Molin Pradel explains why the project could be of enormous interest for his community and especially for administrations for future evaluations, especially for hydropower energy.

The testimonials are available in French and Italian with English subtitles and are online here: