Zavod za gozdove Slovenije

The Slovenia Forest Service (SFS) is a public institution which performs public forestry service in all Slovenian forests. The vision of the SFS is the preservation and close-to-nature development of Slovenian forests and the maintenance of all their functions by promoting sustainable and multifunctional forest management as well as nature conservation. In addition, the SFS is in charge of strategic and operational forest management planning, silvicultural planning and forest protection, forestry engineering, wildlife and hunting management planning and extension.

In, the SFS will provide the analysis of woody biomass potentials in forests and non-forest areas, and the market analysis of the use of woody biomass in the pilot area Triglav National Park (TNP). Furthermore, the SFS will improve the concept of forest ecosystem monitoring in the TNP and prepare a publication on the biodiversity of forest ecosystems. An important task of the SFS will also be the cooperation with the forest owners and the local public in order to promote the sustainable use of wood and the importance of forest management for maintaining favourable conservation status of forest ecosystems. Promotional materials, contributions to local newspapers and a workshop with the local population will be organised.



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