The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund in the frame of the Alpine Space Programme. The Alpine Space Programme is the EU transnational cooperation programme for the Alps. Partners from the seven Alpine countries work together to promote regional development in a sustainable way. During the period 2007-2013, the programme is investing 130 Mio € in impact-oriented projects in which key actors develop shared solutions on specific Alpine issues in three thematic fields: priority 1: Competitiveness and Attractiveness, priority 2: Accessibility and Connectivity, priority 3: Environment and Risk Prevention.

The project falls under priority 3 Environment and Risk Prevention. It contributes in particular to the objectives of the Alpine Space programme in the protection and management of natural and cultural assets for sustainable development. It adds to the management of climate change impacts by strengthening the resilience of ecosystems. It applies a cross-linking strategy by involving both energy providers and civil society in the process of expanding renewable energy production. The Alps face a huge variety of challenges to preserve the area as unique territory for the future. The project helps to manage these challenges in a transnational dialogue between all stakeholders. It prepares the ground for finding and sharing innovative solutions, tailored to the special needs of the cooperation area. Renewable energy production occurs mainly in the rural “Alpine core”, whereas energy consumption occurs in the urban agglomerations and cities – a dialogue on innovative compensation models will help to mitigate existing geographic and social disparities.

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