Vorarlberg, Austria’Vorarlberg_hoerbranzs westernmost state (population: around 370,000), is marked by its geographical diversity. This ranges from the Bregenz Forest in the Alpine foothills, the region around Lake Constance and the densely populated, polycentrically structured Alpine Rhine Valley to its high mountain regions.

Renewable energy sources play an important role in Vorarlberg, as almost all electricity is generated via hydropower. Wood biomass, solar and geothermal energy are also important renewable energy sources, with possible ways of using wind power being investigated. Avoiding conflict, in particular as regards the conservation of nature and of natural scenery, requires a wide-ranging dialogue to define the use of renewable energy sources. Thus, in 2007, the state assembly unanimously decided to adopt the “Energy Future Vorarlberg” process, whose participative nature has earned it a prominent position. The wide participation involved in the process helps specify paths for decision-makers to use as models for future measures relating to energy policy.

The recharge.green project is to join up with this already completed work and address the question of the development of renewable energies in the context of its ecological and social consequences, with a special role given to the consideration of the effects on various environmental performances. The diversity of conditions in Vorarlberg has led to individual regions being selected for detailed study. The innovative paths and multiplicity of currently active participants make Vorarlberg an especially exciting pilot area.

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Flyer of the pilot area Vorarlberg (PDF/d)


Project results Booklet: Musterhektare (German only): The decision support tool “Sample Hectare” assists stakeholders in making decisions about the use of landscape for renewable energies. It has been developed and tested in Vorarlberg.

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