Bavaria / IllerThe Bavarian electric power company, BEW, maintains and operates 35 hydroelectric power plants on the Lech, Wertach, Iller, Günz and Danube rivers, as well as biomass power plants and distance heating networks. BEW’s aim is the ecologically sustainable operation of power plants. BEW is taking part in in order to improve compatibility between the production of renewable energies and biodiversity conservation.

As one of the project partners from the private sector and as a producer of renewable energy in the project consortium, BEW makes a valuable contribution to the technical discussion on the challenges and solutions involved in reconciling renewable energy production and nature conservation. The actual realisation of such ideas in hydroelectric power plants is being tested in a pilot project on the Upper Iller river between Kempten and Memmingen in Bavaria. The main areas of interest are ecological connectivity at water-retaining structures and the protection of the fish population in accordance with the European Water Framework Directive.

The project activities in Bavaria are being co-financed by the Bavarian Ministry of the Environment.

Flyer of the pilot area Obere Iller/Bayern (PDF/de)

Final poster presenting the activities

Presentation on experiences with stakeholder involvement processes from the final conference