The long-term value of the project results is largely dependent on how and where the results are tested and implemented. Common project activities regarding sustainable renewable energy production and use will be tested and implemented in six project pilot areas: Triglav National Park (Slovenia), Maritime Alps Nature Park (Italy), Province of Belluno (Italy), Vorarlberg (Austria, Bavaria (Germany) and Northern French Alps.

The main activities in the pilot areas (organised in work package 6 “Testing and Implementation”) vary, depending on the areas´ particular environment and social needs. The implementation will be communicated through dialogue with different key stakeholders at different levels and with the wider public. Project activities within the pilot areas are mainly focused on:

  • testing the developed instruments and models in reality
  • transfer and application of strategic results
  • testing the application of a strategic environmental assessment procedure at different levels and for different existing renewable energy plans/programs.

The pilot area initiatives will be successful if the project´s ultimate goal is achieved: to provide the basis for balancing Alpine energy and nature.


18.12.2013 The state of play in pilot areas

06.06.2013 Pilot areas: implement and improve