Mountain Institute

The Mountain Institute (Institut de la Montagne) is an association whose members include regional, departmental and local authorities, academic institutions and socio-professional organisations. Its aim is to act as the interface between the scientific research community and the community of mountain stakeholders.

In the project, the Mountain Institute will work closely with the laboratory EDYTEM, a joint research structure run by the National Scientific Research Centre (CNRS) and the University of Savoie. The Mountain Institute/EDYTEM’s main aim is to analyze the feasibility of an increased contribution from local hydroelectric production to the overall energy mix in view of the economic, environmental and management constraints. Work will focus on three pilot sites: the municipalities of Megève and Valloire and the Belledonne massif. Issues to be addressed include energy and water supply in intense tourism areas (with high temporal variability throughout the year) and the preservation of wetland and other ecosystems in a context of climate change and socio-economic developments.


Florence BESSON
Moutain Institute – Project Manager
+33 4 79 75 94 31

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