International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis

The International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, IIASA, is a non-governmental, multi-national, independent organization devoted to policy-oriented research. It focuses on aspects of environmental, socio-economic and technological issues in the context of global change. IIASA’s research is organized around fields of policy importance rather than academic disciplines. Investigators perform interdisciplinary research combining methods and models from the natural and social sciences in addressing areas of concern for all societies.

In this project IIASA participates with its Ecosystem Services and Management Program. The persons working in this Program have extensive experience with impact assessments, economic analyses, modelling and scenario building in the fields of land use (change), forestry, agriculture and other ecosystems. In addition, they have substantial project experience at national, EU and international level. In IIASA’s central model is the “BeWhere” model, used to determine optimal renewable energy deployment geographically explicit while explicitly considering trade-offs with other ecosystem services such as biodiversity. IIASA is thus in charge of the economic-ecological modelling in close collaboration with EURAC.


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