Institute for Geography, University of Innsbruck

The Institute for Geography at the University of Innsbruck researches in particular into global change and regional sustainability. It aims at future-proof solutions that contribute to ensuring sustainable habitats at regional and local level.

As part of the project, the Institute for Geography is supervising all steps being taken for the Vorarlberg pilot area. The potential of renewable energy sources is being investigated in this pilot area and the possible ecological and economic effects are being tested at various spatial levels. The aim of this work is subsequently to assess various usage scenarios that can support political decision-makers in their arguments. The results will be examined for several test areas to evaluate their transferability in spatial terms, with the Alpine Rhine Valley appearing particularly interesting owing to its polycentric structure.

A further core competence that the Institute is contributing to the project is the evaluation of soil-related ecosystem services which have so far been hardly considered as regards biomass usage.


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