The project is addressed to a large number of players. Various public events will allow them to contribute and exchange their knowledge and experience with the project partners.

The following events are planned at various locations during the course of the project:

  • 12.-13.11.2013 (Brig, Switzerland): International conference on balancing renewable energy and nature in the Alps. Aim: to discuss the intermediate results with stakeholders, authorities and decision-makers. Further information
  • 2014 to mid-2015: training sessions for stakeholders in enterprises active in renewable energies (biomass, wind, water and photovoltaic power). Training workshops will be organised in Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Slovenia and Switzerland. > Contact
    • 14.04.2014 (Longarone/Belluno, Italy): Preparation meeting with mayors for the two pilot areas, organised by Veneto Region
    • 24.05.2014 (Legau, Germany): Verbesserung des (fisch-) ökologischen Potenzials an der Iller (in German language only). More information
    • 04.06. and 06.06.2014 (Longarone/Belluno, Italy): Informative meetings to next training session, organised by Veneto Region
    • 30.09.2014 (Bregenz, Austria): workshop organised by University Innsbruck and regio-V (closed internal workshop) >Contact
    • Spring 2015 (France): training
    • 05.05.2015 (Regione Veneto, Italy): workshop organised by Veneto Region and EURAC
    • 21.05.2015 (Altusried, Germany): workshop organised by BEW as part of the final conference’s field trips More information
    • 24.06.2015 (Vienna, Austria): organised by EEA and IIASA > Programme
  • 2014 to mid-2015: implementation workshops in the pilot areas for decision-makers (ministries, authorities, project observers) for implementation strategies and good practice. A workshop will be held in each of the four pilot areas.  > Contact
    • 17.12.2013 (Pokljuka, Slovenia): Multi-objective forest management: forest functions, ecosystem services, priority areas. More information
    • Spring 2015 (Triglav National Park, Slovenia): workshop organised by Slovenian Forest Service and University Ljubljana
    • 21.04.2015 (Valdieri, Natural Park of the Maritime Alps/Piemont, Italy): Valle Gesso e Valle Vermenagna: energia rinnovabile tra ambiente e produzione organised by EURAC > Programme
        • Sylvain Leduc “A Scenario of Renewable Energy in the Alps” > presentation (en)
        • Giulia Garegnani “Potenzialità dell’energia idroelettrica” > presentation (it)
        • Francesco Geri “Scenari futuri per l’energia da biomassa forestale” > presentation (it)
        • Enrico Brizio “Utilizzo energetico del legno: tecnologia, emissioni e qualità dell’aria” > presentation (it)
        • Andrea De Matteis “Il laboratorio naturale Gestalp” > presentation (it)
        • Mario Rosso “BEIFIV -Il bosco entra in filiera in Val Vermenagna” > presentation (it)
  • 16.-19.06.2014 (Pokljuka/Triglav National Park, Slovenia): summer school. > Contact    >Programme   >Blog
  • 16.-20.03.2015 (Kamnik, Slovenia): Youth Parliament to the Alpine Convention (YPAC). More information
  • 20.-21.05.2015 (Sonthofen, Germany): final conference.
  • 5.6.2015 (Brussels, Belgium): goes Green Week! Results of the project at the side-event “Energy and nature in the Alps: a balancing act! How to reconcile renewable energy and nature?”, Representation of the European Region Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino,  Brussels. > Further information

Current information on events will be announced via the project newsletter.