Concilier développement des énergies renouvelables et utilisation durable de l’espace est un défi majeur pour les décideurs.

Dans les interviews suivantes, des politiciens et autres décideurs identifient des voies possibles pour relever ces défis et expliquent ce que le projet peut apporter à cette démarche. Les interviews sont disponibles dans la langue originale et avec sous-titrage en anglais.


« There does not exist an easy solution which would last for the same area for a longer period of time. Therefore we are expecting to discover different approaches from various segments leading to successful solutions, of course from the perspective of the forestry.”
Janez Zafran, Head of Forestry Division at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food


“Hydroelectric production at the Palais des Sports forms part of our municipal water management programme.”
Christophe Bougault-Grosset, the deputy mayor of the municipality Megève in France and responsible for sports, environment, hiking trails and slopes, looks back at the project in his municipality.


“We hope this project will give us the chance to reassess everything related to the forests and woods”
Luca Luchetta is the president of Unione Montana Agordina in the pilot area of the Province of Belluno in Italy.


“I think that this is very important, because in future we shall be able to make choices that are more sensible, whether for protecting biodiversity, protecting the area or making appropriate choices to allow us to allocate more resources and offer better services.“
Roberto Molin Pradel, the mayor of Zoldo Alto.

« I have high hopes for »
The expansion of renewable energy is a challenge for all Alpine countries. Markus Reiterer, Secretary General of the Alpine Convention, about possible solutions to solve the conflict between renewable energy and biodiversity. donne des occasions pour regarder les bonnes pratiques
The challenges in terms of water used for energy production, recreation and nature conservation is a current issue for Thierry Billet, major of the town of Annecy/France. He tells about renewable energy in France and the possibilities which offers the project


« should help us come to the right decisions »
Erich Schwärzler, member of the provincial government of Vorarlberg, Austria and responsible for nature protection and energy, speaks about the start of the project and explains the potential use of its results: