Evaluating the impact of renewable energy use on nature

2_quiet zones TNP

Quiet zones for wildlife have been included into the maps of the decision support system in the Triglav National Park. The interpretation of the results is still in progress. (c) Triglav National Park

To what extent can renewable energy be reasonably used? And how can conflicts with the biodiversity conservation be minimized? The recharge.green partners rely on decision support tools to answer these questions.

Scientists in the project have calculated the theoretical potential 2V0-621D for selected renewable energy sources in the pilot areas. In this context it is important not to overlook nature and its ecosystem services. To tackle this challenge, project partners EURAC with the University of Trento, IIASA and Slovenia Forest Service have developed various decision support systems which can help us evaluate the eligibility of renewable energy use.

These decision support systems consider technical, theoretical and economic components. They evaluate the potential impact of renewable energy use on ecosystem services under various different scenarios. For example, in the pilot area Triglav National park special attention was paid to Natura 2000 species and habitats. With the help of the decision support system, maps showing the potential for biomass pass4lead.com use were overlaid cheap Windows 10 Pro Key with maps showing selected Natura 2000 species and habitat important areas. When planning renewable energy use, potential threats to nature can now be evaluated and as a result the natural resource use and nature conservation can be better balanced.

In addition, threats to nature are comprehensively evaluated with the strategic environmental cheap Windows 10 Home Key assessment procedure. It should be applied in particular in protected areas and Natura 2000 sites. The existence of various such evaluation systems and procedures allows recharge.green partners to compare the outcomes of the different systems when evaluating the impacts of renewable energy sources. In the end, the project 210-451 team will make recommendations VMCE_V9 on how to improve the existing procedures.