Environment Agency Austria

The Environment Agency Austria (Umweltbundesamt) is the leading Austrian expert organisation for all environmental issues and media. It works for the conservation of nature and the environment, and thus contributes to the sustainable development of society. Its core tasks include the monitoring, management and evaluation of environmental data. The Agency’s employees work in four programmes: Nature & Usages, Economy & Impact, Data & Diagnosis, Substances & Analysis, and using an interdisciplinary approach. The Environment Agency Austria experts provide recommendations for decision-makers in politics, business and administration and develop strategic perspectives and scenarios for the achievement of environmental policy targets in Austria and Europe.

In the recharge.green project the Environment Agency Austria is leading the work package “Dissemination” with the aim to support the implementation of EU policy instruments in renewable energy, sustainable land use, biodiversity & soil and to transfer project results to key stakeholders, authorities and decision makers.

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