Department for forestry and renewable forest resources, University of Ljubljana

The Department for forestry and renewable forest resources at the biotechnical faculty of University of Ljubljana (UL) is specialised in research on forest ecology and sustainable and multifunctional forest management. The issues of forest dynamics, long-term changes in forest structure due to environmental changes and social impacts are among the major research interests. UL is actively involved in several international activities and projects related to the multifunctional management of mountain forests (e.g. the ARANGE project within the 7th EU Frame Program, COST action SENSFOR).

The main task of UL in is to provide the scientific support in the analyses related to woody biomass extraction and its impact on biodiversity in the Triglav case study. UL will, together with the other Slovenian project partners, provide situation analysis reports on renewable energy production, on the status quo of biodiversity, soil management and other ecosystem services, and analyse the possible conflicts between the renewable energy expansion and ecosystem services preservation. Consequently, management guidelines focused on renewable energy and biodiversity assets will be prepared. In addition, UL will contribute to the review of legal frameworks for renewable energy production in mountain forest areas and make efforts towards developing advanced governance systems for Alpine spaces.


Andrej Bončina, eMail, +386 13203500

Aleš Poljanec, eMail, +386 13203508

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