“Biodiversity plays a growing role in renewable energy”

Interview with Matteo Cesca of ARPAV (c) Matteo Cesca

Interview with Matteo Cesca of ARPAV, recharge.green project observer

  1. What motivated ARPAV (the Veneto Regional Agency for Prevention and Environmental Protection) to become a project observer?

ARPAV decided to become a project observer, working in particular with the Veneto region, in order to ensure the sustainable management of water resources, exchanges of data relating to watercourse flows, databases on hydroelectric plants and technical information on hydroelectric power. ARPAV also benefits from the new results that will be obtained from the project.

  1. What do you think might be your contribution to the project?

ARPAV can distribute and utilise the results of recharge.green and previous European projects in which the Agency was a partner. We can also disseminate our knowledge of both the scientific & technical and the administrative aspects of hydroelectric power, renewable energy and water resource management.

  1. Does the production of renewable energy also take biodiversity- and landscape-protection in the Alps into account?

Experience with previous European projects makes clear that biodiversity and landscape play a growing role where renewable energy production is concerned. Many recent projects have provided concrete tools for the inclusion of indicators related to environment and landscape in the decision-making process. The decision support systems that are being developed by the recharge.green project are one example.

  1. How do you see the impact of renewable energy production on ecosystem services in the Alps?

The impact of renewable energy on ecosystem services in the Alpine space should be considered in its entirety, both during the construction of the plants, and – even more so – when considering the direct and indirect costs caused to the environment and landscape as a whole. A cost-benefit analysis that also considers possible impacts on ecosystem services must be carried out.