Agroscope – Swiss research into agriculture, nutrition and the environment

Agroscope belongs to the Federal Office for Agriculture and comprises the three research stations Changins-Wädenswil ACW, Liebefeld-Posieux ALP, and Reckenholz-Tänikon ART. The research of Agroscope is aimed at providing safe and flavoursome food, a healthy environment and an innovative and competitive agriculture! Research into agriculture, nutrition and the environment is an investment in the foundations of our future. The Institute develops scientific knowledge and basic technical principles for agricultural and environmental policy decisions and their legal implementation. Agroscope is geared towards the needs of its service recipients, including: People who work in agriculture, Consumers, Publicity and administration. Agroscope encourages a multifunctional and competitive Swiss agriculture, and focuses on economical, ecological and social issues. Agroscope orients itself towards future challenges and gives due significance to cross-disciplinary and innovative system approaches. Agroscope operates in an application-oriented manner.


Stefan Mann, +41 52 368 32 38, eMail

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