Agricultural Institute of Slovenia

The Agricultural Institute of Slovenia and its research unit Centre for Soil and Environment Research contributes to the development of methodologies for the sustainable use of natural resources (agricultural soils) and green energy production.

Agricultural land use management practices and actions that will result in adequate protection of biodiversity will be developed, tested and implemented in the Triglav National Park (TNP) pilot area. The main contribution of AIS to the project will be the development of good practice examples for energy production from biomass in the areas of spontaneously afforested agricultural land. The goals are to: a) increase the floral biodiversity, b) contribute to the traditional use of soils on the basis of soil properties/qualities, c) contribute to the preservation of the Alpine cultural landscape and the scenic diversity on areas of outstanding natural beauty, and d) develop a Geographical Information System for the visualisation and management of energy and biodiversity resources within TNP.


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